Iwo Jima: Japan's Devastating Demise

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The units involved included the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Marine Divisions. Each of the divisions were split into many other groups. So, what seemed like very small groups were actually entire battalions at work. Anyway, the units that attacked Iwo Jima first were the 4th and 5th Marine Divisions. They showed up on the beaches sometime around 9:00 in the morning. They saw little to almost no response coming from the Japanese. The Japanese didn't know about them being there until they actually decided to start attacking. On the other hand, they were well prepared. They were already underground, high up in the air, and in caves and/or crevices. They used the island's geographic positioning to their advantage. The Americans didn't expect this, because they thought that they would use natural defenses. Instead, they concealed themselves to make their job easier. Once again, their cover was blown. The 3rd Marine Division was warned about their tactic at an early stage. They took the warning and carefully proceeded in. It was still a battle that was pretty tough to fight. It was raining most of the time, and the ground was wet, soggy, and uncomfortable to be in. Some of the warriors still had bad experiences when they were just trying to rest. Gunshots were everywhere, mortars were being launched, and there was even whirring planes overhead. The Americans had a pretty tough time. The Japanese had some situations that were just as worse. Almost all of them were being killed. Most of the people that were hiding were being discovered. It was chaos for both teams. Towards the end, only around 7,000 marines were killed. The Japanese had around 21,800 of their men killed. The other 200 were captured as prisoners of war. The amount killed during the f...

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...round. The only con that existed with this tactic was that they were vulnerable to aerial attacks. Lucky for the Japanese, aerial attacks were only an issue during the first few days of the attack, when the Americans wanted to bombard Iwo Jima and kill off as many soldiers as they could. Also, not all the American bombers reached Iwo Jima. Some Japanese assault planes went and shot down a few of the American bombers, and others missed their cue and they missed their chance to attack. The Japanese were quite lucky at first, but then they messed up once they let their guard down, because that was exactly when the Americans decided to attack with their army.

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