It’s not about the Price Tag

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In America, there are a lot of different excuses for people not wanting to go to college. College is a place people go to in order to receive higher education for the future job they want. College is attended by students fresh out of high school or can even be people who decide later on in their lives that they want to further their education. What are reasons people do not want to further their education by going to college? Getting a higher education in America is necessary even though it is a bit too costly.
People do not find college necessary. These people believe college is not for them and are looking for jobs that do not require a college degree. What these people do not realize is that even if a certain job does not require a college degree, it is still necessary for raising the amount of money you can earn by going to college for that specific job. Some people find it easy to get a job they love without earning that college degree. For instance, if someone goes to work as a cable man then the highest amount of education that person would need is a high school diploma or GED. Even if they love this job, they still cannot get promoted or move further into that job without gaining any higher knowledge. Gaining this higher knowledge can make this person’s pay check so much higher than what it is without the college degree. So even if someone has the job of their dreams without a college degree, it is still important to know what he or she will be missing without one. College is necessary for higher paying jobs and/or higher paychecks.
When we realize how much college can be, we start to think that it is not worth going. The cost of earning a college degree limits people from reaching their goals. Elementary school and H...

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...t is college? It is a place that sucks up money for education. It is important to go to college but people who attend may not be able to afford the hefty costs. Some people wait to go to college later in life because they want to save up money first. Some people go to further their education right when they get their high school diplomas. People already have jobs that do not require a college degree while others just do not have the money to go to college. Although college is extremely important, those are reasons people find it unnecessary to go to college. Even though it is expensive in America, college is still very necessary.

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