It's Time to Stop Bullying

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In this essay I will talk about how important it is for people who do not fit in, to fit in. Girl bullying is not the same, the girl bullies have changed completely, their appearance, attitude, and who they bully. Students wake up every day wondering if they are going to fit in at all or be accepted by anybody at school. If the administrators, and peers who are watching them get bullied would step up and take care of the students bullying their peers, then maybe all of the bullying in schools would stop. Also parents at home need to be paying attention to what people are saying to their daughters/sons then maybe bullying online would become less frequent. Students wake up every day with the worry if they are going to look good or fit in. Most people and/or students wouldn’t just get up from bed and go to school or work without going through the daily routine of just trying to look good. Most girls wake up, put make-up on, do their hair, and pick out an outfit everyday to just “fit in.” There are not many girls that wake up, brush their hair, and go to school. Most boys will wake up and make sure their hair is acceptable, a lot of boys don’t care about their appearance or who accepts them, it is mainly girls. People in general society make it almost impossible for girls and sometimes boys to keep up with everything around them, girls being girls, will always try to “fit in”, change their likes, change their appearance and even change their personality just to be accepted. Society will never make it easy for girls to “fit in” or be accepted by other students. Students who do not “fit in” have to take responsibility for themselves, the peers can not always take responsibility for these students. A lot of students that do not f... ... middle of paper ... ... could stop deaths, maybe not all parent will succeed but at least they tried and they will not live with the guilt of them not doing anything at all. If anything can help bullying it would be the people who are surrounded by it, which would be everyone. Most people may not think that they are anywhere near bullies, however bullies are everywhere. Wether administration, peers, or parents think that their kids, classmates, or students are perfect other people look at them like play toys, and hurt them to the breaking point. Works Cited Greenfield, Beth. “Transgender Girl’s Parents Lobby for Her Right to Use the Bathroom.” Yahoo! Shine, Wed, Feb 27, 2013. Web. 13 Dec 2013. Maag, Christopher. “When the Bullies Turned Faceless.” The New York Times, Dec 18, 2007. Web. 17 Dec 2013 “Girls and Bullying”. National Crime Prevention Council. Web. 17 Dec. 2013
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