It's Time to Put An End To Sex Trafficking

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Sex trafficking is the tragic and horrendous reality that is modern day slavery. It is forced prostitution and it is illegal, but the punishments are not properly enforced. It is a worldwide issue, existing virtually everywhere. Sex trafficking needs to be put to a halt! About 600,000 to 800,000 children, men, and women are trafficked across the world per year, of which 80 percent are female. This means that each year about 640,000 female children, teens, and adults are sex trafficked. Aside from this there are already about three million women and girls in the sex trafficking business worldwide. ( Kristof and WuDUNN, pg 10) This is only based upon trafficking across international borders. Sex trafficking within the same region holds about 2 million minors. (Half the Sky) And worst of all these amounts are probably below what they should be because these are based on what each country reports. What the government doesn’t find or chooses not to see remains hidden and unknown. Sex trafficking continues because of corruption, culturally engrained beliefs, indifference, greed, lack of proper punishment, and the weak and easily malleable girls that comprise the business.

Sex trafficking laws and punishments are not properly enforced due to corruption. Not so much on the national level, but locally many unfathomable horrors occur that should be stopped, but are not. The local police are often working with the local brothels, “the police seem unlikely saviors to the girls in the brothels because police officers regularly visited the brothels and were serviced free.” (Kristof and WuDUNN, pg7) Police officers also receive bribes to keep the locations hidden. Often the girls who escape and go to the police are returned to the brothel in ...

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