It's Time To Stay In Prison

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“I’m a good person,” Travis told himself. He was sitting down on his bed in his jail cell, staring at the paintings he painted during his lengthy stay in prison. There were three paintings; the first one was of a 4 year old girl playing on a playground, the second was of a girl posing in a blue prom dress, and the last was of a woman looking at the horizon in a wedding dress. These are meaningless to me now, he thought. The girl in the paintings started to cry, so he slowly lifted himself from his bed and took down the paintings, his hands shaking. I’m going crazy in this place. Before he could take down the last painting, a prison guard knocked on the door of his cell. “It’s time to go to your other cage,” the prison guard said, “time to…show more content…
He walked into the cage, and the guard closed and locked the door. He stared at the door, hoping that was the last time he looked at it from the inside. He looked to his left and was surprised to see a new prisoner in the cage next to him. Most guys there didn’t like the merciless sun, beating down on them for the two hours they had to stay outside, so most elected to stay on the inside for 24 hours a day. The new prisoner was sitting down in the corner of his cage, looking over a piece of paper. His skin was so pale, it seemed that it was his first time he had been in the sun, and his hair was messy and disheveled. Travis decided to ignore him and start his workout. He started his workout with pushups, and the guards that were watching his cage, walked away to observe other cages, and the new prisoner put away the paper, took a knife out of his prison uniform, and attempted to cut through the metal cage. He was stunned to the point of losing his concentration and hitting his stomach against the solid floor of the cage. He couldn’t believe that someone was able to sneak a knife past the guards, but he couldn’t hold his shock for long when he realized it was impossible for someone to cut through a prison cage and foolish for anybody to

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