It's Time To Put an End To Police Brutality

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Police Brutality is a worldwide problem that is getting worse each year. Men and women around the world are being abused by Police Officers. I mean just because they wear a badge, why should they be able to bully us? Many wrong convictions have been made by some type of police brutality.Police misconduct is illegal and a violation to people’s individual rights.Officers could be arrested for the misconduct and abuse they are bringing upon people.Many organizations around the world have been made to help get rid of Police Brutality and help people that have been abused by it.People sometimes refer to Police Brutality as an excessive use of force.Organizations around the world have been working hard to minimize police brutality and stop it.Laws have been made to get rid of and minimize police brutality.Many innocent people have been beaten and abused around the world, and just because they wear a badge?

Police Brutality is the use of excessive or unnecessary force by police officers when their with people.”Excessive use of force “ means a force much to strong what would be necessary in order to handle situations.There are many ways police brutality is done.The most obvious way of police brutality is the physical form.Police officers can use nerve gas,batons,pepper spray, and guns in order intimidate or intentional hurt someone.Other ways is false arrests,verbal abuse,psychological intimidation,sexual abuse,police corruption,racial profiling,political repression, and improper use of tasers.An example of this is if a polllice officer beat someone with a baton, that would be considered police brutality.Nowadays, many countries have laws that address police brutality.Under these laws, police brutality is seen as a very seri...

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...e experienced and are experiencing police brutality have to make difficult choices.Should they fire the officer or not?This is a hard question that many people have that they don’t want to answer.Why do this stuff in the first place?It makes everyone involved lives harder and for what?This is a thing that never should have started and it should be enforced more than it is.It’s a terrible thing that hurts people for no reason except for personal pleasure of the police officer.Again, why should they get to bully us just because they wear a badge?We should see officers as leaders and protectors.I mean, they are the ones that are supposed to protect us right?Police brutality is a sore subject no matter where you are.It’s a thing that nobody likes or wants.Let’s stop this thing and think ahead for a better future.Work together and this goal can be achieved.

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