It's Time Pounds were Replaced by Euros

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It's Time Pounds were Replaced by Euros Ladies and Gentlemen: I am here today to talk to you about changing our current Pound to the Euro. This has been a major issue in Great Britain since the 1970's. Why do I oppose the Euro? I feel that it's the right thing to do. I love my country and will do my little bit to stop British sovereignty being handed over to unelected bankers in Frankfurt and anonymous bureaucrats in Brussels. Sterling is a big part of our national identify. Britain is the fourth largest economy in the World and we have a strong currency. Why give it all up for the Euro? We have shown since 1979 that we are more than capable of trading and competing in an open market. After joining the Euro, Britain couldn't change it's mind and back out. We would be trapped as a European dependant monetary system. The exchange rate mechanism, where we linked our currencies with Europe between 1990-1992, turned out to cause recession, high mortgage rates, a slumping housing market, an increase in bankruptcies and many jobs were lost. This was because British short-term interest rates were effectively determined by the inappropriately high German rates. Britain shouldn't make that same mistake again. At the moment, if politicians are performing badly we can vote them out; but if we joined the Euro, our economic decisions would be made by unelected officials from Brussels and Frankfurt. Some people may think that sterling is a 'thing of the past', 'a piece of metal' that simply has a perception of value; but it isn't. Having our own currency is what gives our Parliament the power to manage our economy. Without the Pound Parliament is reduced to the impotence of the average County Council It is vital to our national interests to retain the Pound sterling. To give up control of our currency is to give up control of our economy; no Pound means no independence. Briton's for the Euro say that the isolationists are backwards,

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