It’s GREAT if it doesn’t KILL us!

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Politics, at its worst, has always been a war of words consisting of gimmicky gotchas, catchy sound bites, and partisan name-calling. It’s just that in today’s environment the participants have raised it to a new art form. Of course, none of it would be possible without the perpetual support of an increasingly clueless news media. And, I won’t even go into the intrepid windbags of issue-oriented TV and talk radio. It’s become so bad that news pundits grab any little nuance, no matter how innocent or insignificant, that will create a controversy. We have a major catastrophe going on in the Gulf of Mexico right now. Its direct impact encompasses every aspect of life in that region: financial, environmental, and social. I will see little, if any, recovery during the remainder of my lifetime. It doesn’t look that promising for you younger people, either. But, instead of responsible press coverage that aims at arriving at the truth, we have wannabe reporters lurking in the shadows eagerly awaiting a chance to catch some BP official and/or an Administration spokesperson in the midst of blathering mostly insignificant misspeaks. In the meantime, however, BP continues perfecting its process of using unrelated facts to obscure the truth. Already, this disaster has become a goldmine for political opportunists, media consultants, and issue-oriented intrepid windbags. I’m truly sick of hearing Anderson Cooper of AC360 drone on, night after night, about the fact that BP executives won’t come on his show to explain their side of the story. Yes, BP is the direct culprit of record. But, they could not have accomplished this feat without some serious help from our own governmental safety regulators. The wink-wink mentality on both s... ... middle of paper ... ...e fitting definition. This country does not need to adopt China’s policy of “designated” direct accountability; nor is it necessary to execute violators. But, appropriate prison terms for the right people, once duly convicted, will do the trick most effectively. In both sectors (public and private) start at the TOP and move downward. Negligence is negligence whether committed by a cabinet secretary, corporate CEO, or forklift operator. No more discrimination! It does little good to send front line workers to prison for violating safety regulations that top-down organizational culture has always condoned, either directly or indirectly, whenever financial circumstances dictated. If we want to change an unsafe culture, we do it by sending the top dogs to prison where wink-wink means something altogether different from what these executive types are used to.
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