It 's Constructive Or Destructive, Is Criticism Easy For Anyone?

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Whether it’s constructive or destructive, is criticism easy for anyone? There’s no easy way to answer this, as there are many scenarios one can experience criticism for something. In other words, it depends on what they are being critiqued on. Overall, people would like to be under the assumption that they can do no wrong. Although I’m not extremely fond of being critiqued, it benefits me. If it wasn’t for criticism, I would have never passed my driver’s test. When I am being assessed, internally, I process what is being said and I start coming up with ideas to fix my flaws. I take criticism well due to the fact that I am always eager to improve myself, so I can reach my full potential. It was February 10th, 2015 when I had come home from school and had my dad take me out for driving practice. It was the day before my driver’s test and I had my dad in the passenger’s seat. It was a chilly afternoon and I was so anxious that I was excessively shivering. As I accelerated to move into the left turning lane, I felt unsure of what my next step was. The traffic light had turned green and ...

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