It 's All About Social Control

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It 's all about social control. Social control is what regulates people 's thoughts, feelings, appearance, and behavior in social systems. Is what society uses to influence the behavior of people to maintain order. Social control, controls the behavior and actions of individuals to balance their social situation. In order for society to maintain an specific norm, it has to exercise a certain control over it 's members. An example of social control theory is the criminal justice system, and the armed forces could be also helpful to perform this role. A way to maintain social control could be through coercion by imprisoning those who commit a crime. The problem of social control is that some institutions abuse of it to manipulate minorities. In this case, "the war on drugs" is much related to social control because those who are targeted the most are minorities, to be more specific those are the black people. In the Drug Use and Abuse book it says that there is a variety of statistics indicating that the "war on drugs" is often a "war" on blacks. Is the drug war racist? who knows, but that 's what it seems like. Based on the book called, the Drug Use and Abuse, "African Americans comprise approximately 12% of the United States population, 13% of drug users, 35% of drug arrests for possession, 55% of drug convictions and 74% of prison sentences" (295). Latinos are also targeted, but not as much as the black people. The members of minority groups are the most incarcerated, but they are also punished with longer sentences than whites '. David Simon, who created "The Wire," a famous TV drama, talks about how anti-drug enforcement has evolved into social control. He also thinks that the drug war has to end. I totally agree with him. I b... ... middle of paper ... ... Latinos are four times more likely (Abandisky, 295). If there are more Latinos and Blacks joining the drug industry, there should be something done to end this. If most of the people that are involved in this are minorities, it 's definitely that something is not available to them or they are not treated equally as the majority group. Simon, talks about how in Baltimore there is about 50% of young black males without a job because there isn 't employment. This is where we need to start in order to at least decrease the severity of this drug war. There should be a system that helps minorities groups to get a good job, a job that they can at least make a living because I 'm pretty sure that there are some people out there that don 't have enough resources to get an education for them to specialized themselves into something productive, and then get a good job with it.

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