It is Not a Crime to Be an Ignorant Racist

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Racism is a very real part of modern society, but should it be

punished? Should people all over the world accept those individuals

who discriminate against others just because of their skin colour? In

this essay I will determine whether being racist is a crime or not and

whether racism should be classed as an offence that deserves


Racial abuse is now commonplace in many towns and cities throughout

the world. Starting in the days of Martin Luther-King who fought for

the rights of the black Americans, who were being persecuted in the

United States during the 60's and 70's.

There has also has been the tragic cases of Stephen Lawrence and more

recently, Damilola Taylor. A young boy who was brutally murdered, just

because he was black. His killer didn't even know Damilola's name.

Even today, we hear of the racial conflict in Oldham, an area near

Manchester where many different ethnic groups live in fear of another

attack that might just be focused on their family or friends next


It is incidents like this that make society angry with those who

believe racism is right. These people are all citizens of the British

nation; they have the same rights as us. Skin colour or religion has

nothing to do with what a person thinks or feels; therefore people who

believe it does should be punished.

Furthermore, everyone on this planet is equal, it shouldn't matter

that someone comes from a different country to you, or that they

happen to follow a different religion, they are still human beings.

Racism is a disbelief in equality and this is unacceptable in society


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...y hard to justify who is racist and who has taken a joke too


I have concluded that racism has quite a lot to do with respect, or

lack of it, for others. Many racists are extremely ignorant and fail

to realise that there are other religions and colours of skin other

than their own, but this doesn't make a person bad or wrong.

Freedom of speech is very important to all individuals, but it

shouldn't be abused, as society has taken upon itself to do. Violence

towards others however, is not a basic right.

I don't believe that society should stand for thugs who decide it is

okay to hit someone on the grounds of something as trivial as skin

colour. This isn't socially, or morally, acceptable.

Once society learns the values of mutual respect, racism and other

mindless discrimination could finally be abolished.
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