It Is not a Game

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With one intensely push, he grunted as he let out all his essence inside her young body without even noticing that her soul was beyond gone. With a smug look, he chuckled at his accomplishment and started to back away from his sister’s body. “Harley,” he said as he sat back on his knees, buckling his belt. “Baby, you felt so good.” He lowered himself towards and kissed her lips. When he pulled himself away from her, he noticed something odd about her. Her eyes, they were emotionless and her chest, her chest wasn’t pumping with her that supposed to flow out of her nose. “Harley!” Eddie begun to start shaking her arm, then with no motions and out of panic, he began to shake her shoulders. He lifted her up and put her on top of his lap and held her, to where he saw that her head was dangling. He began to slap her couple of times while screaming, “Harley stop this fucking game!” and once again shake her to see this wasn’t real, this whole nightmare. The alcohol was rubbing off him and in that moment he knew what he did. The girl was long dead from the moment the boy snapped her neck, without even realizing it. He stopped and just started at her lifeless body - her eyes were black and blue from the amount of punches he laid on her, the fingertips on her soft hands were stained with blood and the outer corners of her lips were stained with his blood. He began to sob as he suddenly figured out that he killed the only person who gave all her love to him, but make him sin for wanting her so bad. Since he was teenager, he began thinking about his sister in a non-sisterly way, and it made him feel so not human. It started when Harley was around 14, puberty was setting in and the girl was getting her hourglass shape, her breast were start... ... middle of paper ... ...yself. I watched as the phone ringed and ringed and I couldn’t answer. I walked away to the phone and towards my body; I slowly dropped my knees to the floor and lay next to…me. My life was over, it was gone and I couldn’t take it back. I began to cry as I began to imagine my life if I was together, I was imagining how NYC would have fit me perfectly or how I would have met the love of my life somewhere within the next few years or how I could’ve gotten married. But I can’t, I can’t do anything! I’m fucking dead because of my brother’s love for me, yeah love….fucking love my ass. I can’t believe I’m even still in the real world, does heaven even exist? I’m I going to be here forever while I watch life progressively go on? Oh my god…fuck I need god. I started to shut my eyes and try to breathe in and out slowly to calm my nerves. I lost myself, I am truly lost.

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