It Has Been Two Years

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Dear Matt,

It has been three years since I have last held you in my arms. It is not fair how our years together feel so short lived, yet our time apart feels so long. Thank you for showing me how to number our days.

The first time I ever laid my eyes on you, I was captured. It was not the way you introduced yourself or the way you shook my hand, but the look in your eyes that captured my heart. Thank you for showing me that love at first sight isn't just a fairy tale.

I was convinced that you were something special. I felt it with every beat of my heart and breath that I breathed. Little did I know how right I was. As time went on we developed a friendship that I thought could only develop over years of knowing one another. Thank you for showing me that friendship cannot be measured by the amount of time spent in one and another's life.

You gave me that chance where I was yours and you were mine. In that single moment all my dreams had come true. Thank you for helping me realize that dreams really do come true in real life and not just in books.

We had so many wonderful times together. Some of our days were filled with adventure. In those days you brought out a side in me I never thought existed. Thank you for showing me that I too could be daring and adventurous.

Then there were days filled with quiet moments. Those days are the ones I've cherished the most. Because, I would think for hours on end about happiness that I never thought that could exist between me and another person. Thank you for showing my happiness.

We also had our hard days. There were fights that could have rattled the deepest depths of the ocean. We always recovered. Thank you for showing me how to forgive.
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