Issues with Hiring for Rutger's Athletic Director

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The hiring of Mike Rice Jr. does not seem like a bad idea on paper. In 2009, Mike Rice Jr. helped lead Robert Morris to its first NCAA tournament since 1992. He did this again in the 2010 season as we well. Someone with the credentials like Mike Rice Jr. seems like a perfect fit for a team not doing so well with Fred Hill being head coach. The team placed last place in their conference under Fred Hill throughout most of his time with Rutgers. It was time for a change; Mike Rice Jr. was the solution to this bad performance. Under his three years with the team, he managed to get the team in 11th place. Not a significant improvement, but he was on the right track improving each season. Unfortunately, his time came short when footage leaked of him berating, pushing, kicking, cursing and throwing basketballs at the players during practices. Coaches are responsible to treat everyone with dignity and respect providing a model of fair play and sportsmanship. This is the code of ethics for coaches, but can one disagree and say situation dictates? I will argue to disagree because society is beyond fragile in today’s world. Has anyone ever grown up in New Jersey? The conducts of these kids are not of high standard; obedience to orders is not something they practice. Mike Rice Jr. did nothing wrong in my opinion and simply used a different method to convey his theories. In three years, he took the team from last place to 11th place. Every season the team placed higher and higher in the conference. Apparently, something was going right in order for the team to improve every season. Some may think his tactics were unethical, I say; go spend a day in New Jersey public schools. See how these kids curse, kick, and push our schoolteachers. Societ...

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...meone to give 110% or nothing at all in my organization. Being pregnant, just count them gone for the whole year as they go through appointments and take fraternity leave after the child is born. The decision was fair and I once again, agree with the hiring of Julie Hermann. Julie Hermann is hired to be the athletic director; she will not have limited contact with the players. Athletic directors oversee the work of coaches and related staff involved in the athletic programs. Eddie Jones is a good head coach; there should be no doubts with him employed as the head coach. Julie Hermann is a good person regardless of what the public thinks. She has served on many community boards, including Frazier Rehab Institute, Women 4 Women, and YMCA to name a few. Again, everyone deserves a second chance despite the consequences; she will be a great addition to the Rutgers staff.
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