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Many parents choose homeschooling for their children in order to have more control over what their children learn. However, when parents choose to teach at home they often neglect to provide their child with an appropriate education. Important life skills are learned in the a regular school setting that cannot be learned at home, as time passes homeschooled children are forced to go through unnecessary stress as they must assimilate into the social world because they lack certain life skills. This alternative education choice can have a positive impact for children who are not physically and mentally prepared for a traditional school, but it neglects very important lessons needed for proper development and for the creation of proper citizens of a society. Although, everyone has a choice to how they go through their education it is important to take into account that the decisions of a few can put strain on the majority.

People choose homeschooling for several reasons, the National Center of Education Statistics found that thirty six percent of parents chose homeschooling in order to instill proper religious and moral values, twenty one percent chose it because they felt uncomfortable with the safety of the public school environment, twelve percent were not satisfied with the “academic institution”, and seven percent had other reasons such as the proximity of a school or economic struggle. In Edward Said’s book Orientalism, he suggests that societies create an image of what they believe others to be, and with time the idea becomes normalized. The fact that most parents choose homeschooling for religious reasons is alarming because it promotes inequality and misunderstandings about of religious groups. The more a group separate...

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