Issues of Tempo and Mode in Evolution

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There are many ways to explain how Earth and everything else came to be. Such as, Uniformitarianism, Catastrophism, Gradualism, and Punctuated Equilibrium. Generally, Uniformitarianism and Catastrophism are grouped together while Punctuated Equilibrium and Gradualism are grouped together separately from Uniformitarianism and Catastrophism. Gradualism and Punctuated Equilibrium are usually looked at through a biblical stand point rather than how Uniformitarianism and Catastrophism are looked at from the opposite view. The theory of Uniformitarianism states that everything happens gradually and what we see now in the present time, took many years to become this way. It also has a natural law that says that what was happening before is happening now and will happen then. So if you are anywhere in the universe events function on a cycle forever. The mastermind behind this theory is James Hutton, a Scottish Geologist. In 1785, Hutton presented his findings stating that the Earth had a long history and this history had common events in the past and in the present. Hutton also believed tha...

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