Issues of Gay Marriage

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In the United States, the denial of the right to permit gay marriage has become a social turbulence regarding the federal government. As the gay community expands, the issue expands. There is an effort by many states to enact laws on this issue. Some cities around the country are also writing their own laws. This is a decision that should be made by the person who has to live with his or her spouse, not the person’s nation. This nation declares equality, liberty and justice for all. A government should not be able to prohibit any one person from declaring his or her love for someone else. Allowing the government to intervene in gay marriage represents class discrimination, denies marriage benefits, and rejects civil rights.
One of the most widely known acts of discrimination would be the Loving vs. Virginia case. This case involves an interracial marriage, which was against the law in 1967. The case relates to discrimination in gay marriage because the case struck a nerve with people who believe that discrimination should not be a factor in having a legal marriage. The people involved in the case, Mildred Jeter and Richard Loving, were discriminated against because of their race and were denied the right to marry in certain states. While being denied to marry in Virginia, they married in the District of Columbia. A couple weeks after returning to Virginia and purchasing a home the couple were charged for violating Virginia’s ban on interracial marriage. The couple did not marry in Virginia, but because they were living in Virginia and they were married and not of the same race, it was a problem. They were threatened to be thrown in jail for a year or forced to leave the state immediately. If they wanted to be married they had to ...

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...on may choose to marry. The bottom line is, all people deserve their legal rights no matter what their sexual preference is and no one person should take that away from them.
The right to choose whom to marry should not be denied by the government. Gays being denied rights to marry is similar to the Loving vs. Virginia case. The Loving vs. Virginia case was one popular discriminating case which denied rights because of the person’s preference of whom they wanted to marry. Without being married many are also denied marriage benefits that may include buying a home. Gays should have the ability to have all the civil rights as any other person. They should not be judged and discriminated against because of the person they choose to marry. It is not the choice of the government, but the right and choice of the people. Gay marriage should be legal in the United States.
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