Issues Affecting Healthcare Delivery

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There are many factors that are affecting people from receiving adequate healthcare. Most people still will not seek healthcare even when there is a need. Many issues and barriers have been formed with people because of some issues that are just not being handled by federal or local governments. However in most cases some of the issues lay with the individual who is need the healthcare. A lot of people are suffering financially, so people who have health issues are waiting till their illness is untreatable. Event the insurance companies need copays for the medicines that are being administered to patients, and people in need of care. Finances have become one of the main issues with healthcare today. Most Americans if they don’t have healthcare through their employer will not obtain healthcare on their own because of health insurance cost. Another issue with health care are with those that have language barriers, most people who are not fluent or don’t speak English at all, have a lot of difficulty obtaining proper care therefore most are left dissatisfied and just go with out any care to avoid the annoying and tediousness of trying to understand and get understanding of the healthcare employee administering the care. Also a lot of language barriers with the prescriptions labels cause mix-ups with taking the medicines or follow treatment plans properly. Geography and the American rural areas have posed a problem when receiving adequate care. “One-fourth of the U.S. population lives in rural areas” (Sylvan, 2013). In comparison to the urban areas, rural occupants have a much higher poverty rate, including more elderly resulting in poorer health and people facing difficulty getting to health services. Primary care is directly aff... ... middle of paper ... ...ues from occurring. Eating properly and daily exercise can help the issue in the long run, however some illnesses are just unavoidable and inevitable, therefore we, just like the doctors are all caught in a “catch 22”. Works Cited The coming changes in health care delivery. (n.d.). Retrieved from Factors Affecting Health-Care Delivery | eHow. (n.d.). Retrieved from The Five Biggest Problems In Health Care Today - Forbes. (n.d.). Retrieved from (2013, 04). Issues That Affect Health Care Delivery. Retrieved 04, 2013, from
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