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Gregory Wayne Abbott, the Attorney General of Texas, was born in Wichita Falls, Texas on November 13, 1957. He is currently running for the election of Texas Governor as the Republican Party candidate against Wendy Davis. Greg Abbott has served as one of the Texas Supreme Court Justices from 1995 until his resignation at 2001 in order to run for the Attorney General of Texas. In 2002, He won the republican primary election by 100% of votes and in the general election by almost 800,000 votes against Kirk Watson for the Attorney General of Texas. Since 2002, he has been the Attorney General and never lost the reelection for it.
When it comes to the death penalty, Texas has one of the most controversial death penalty systems in the United States. Inmates, who are sentenced to death, have no guarantee of competent representation. The federal courts have prevented several executions in Texas for due process failures. In addition, race plays a big part when it comes to death sentencing. Since 1987, six innocent people have been sentenced to death and later released. According to Huffington Post, “the state has executed an average of 20 inmates a year since Perry took office in 2001.” The Texas death penalty system does not serve justice but serves injustice; the death penalty system treats the inmates unfairly, and it violates the Eight Amendment of the US constitution. Texas officials should reconsider their way of handling the death penalty because executing someone who is later found innocent is an injustice. Death penalty is not always the answer to serve justice when there is no legit evidence if the inmate committed a crime or not. Therefore, the state should go through many trials before making a decision on death penalty and if ...

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...eir support from the people. I believe that Greg Abbott has better chance to win this election because he has more confidence and experience than Wendy Davis does, when it comes to public speeches and campaigning.

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