Issue of Gun Control

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Gun control has been a controversial issue in the past, but it has recently been popping everywhere on the news, considering the recent occurrences of abuse. I believe we need a system in which citizens do not need to fear, but we also need a system in which rights are not being taken away. European countries such as United Kingdom have extremely strict laws on firearms. This extremeness has actually proven to work causing fewer deaths by guns. . Assault weapons are far too dangerous for regular citizens to hold, some restrictions should be placed so not everyone can achieve them we have seen the many mass murders because of assault weapons. I don’t believe assault weapons, which were originally created for military purposes, are really not for protection either ways, only a simple handgun is necessary .Although easy access to handguns can be dangerous, incredible amounts of human deaths won’t be occurring as often as we have now. Guns should not be totally outlawed, or extremely hard to obtain. There should be some sort of a barrier to stop mentally ill, disturbed people, or dangerous people from obtaining dangerous weapons. According to Bobby Cervantes, fifty-one percent of the United States population said they did not want assault weapons to be banned. All guns but handguns are unnecessary and can be a threat to the future of our country. Based on my own opinion, I refuse to think that opinion polls about gun control are hundred percent correct due to the fact that many people wouldn’t want to say gun control is ridiculous considering the recent killings of innocent children. Many people are refusing to give up their guns because of the recent killing sprees that have been going on. We cannot fight guns with guns, it doesn’t s... ... middle of paper ... ...ople from obtaining guns and using them to cause danger to others well beings, especially to those of children and innocents. Increased regulation and bans on certain weapons are a necessity for America to thrive. Works Cited Saad Lydia, “Self-Reported Gun Ownership in U.S. Is Highest Since 1993” Gallup Politics, October 26, 2011 Web. 25 September 2013. Cervantes Bobby. “Poll: 51 percent don’t want assault weapons ban” Politico, 26 December 2012 Web. 26 September 2013. Agresti D. James and Smith K. Reid, “Gun Control Facts” Justfacts, 13 September 2010 Web. 27 September 2013. Colon David, “Five gun control groups worth your time and donations” Brokelyn, December 14, 2012 Web. 27 September 2013. Neil Munro, “Obama accuses gun control opponents of fighting to allow ‘dangerous people’ to own guns” DailyCaller, 22 September 2013 Web. 27 September 2013
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