Issit And Newton Death Penalty Analysis

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Issit and Newton begin their essay Death Penalty: An Overview, by defining the Death penalty as a procedure that government authorities use to execute criminals. Issit and Newton state that some of the countries that allow capital punishment is the United States, many developed countries have prohibited the use of capital punishment. Issit and Newton state the death penalty has been the topics of many countries due to legal, moral and ethical issues. Some countries use the capital punishment for extreme crimes only, such as, murder, betrayal or infiltration. Ethical and moral issues are the main issue in determining whether it is acceptable to use capital punishment or not, moreover, one of these issues is that the government might execute…show more content…
Furthermore, Issit and Newton stated that the previous data is not strong evidence to exclude the capital punishment. Issit and Newton argued that some inmates were falsely executed because of the use of DNA technology and it raised many eyebrows on whether the capital punishment does or does not bring justice. Moreover, Issit and Newton doubts the action of Congress in authorizing DNA testing as vital and vigorous evidence in determining whether the convict is guilty or not.
In spite of the previous data, Issit and Newton still think that the opinion in the use of capital punishment is divided and controversial. Issit and Newton continued in bring negatives in the use of capital punishment that a study shows the inequality in the use of capital punishment and that race, ethnicity and economic status play a huge role in determining if the convict is guilty or not or whether the convict deserves the capital punishment. Issit and Newton tried to equally present both opinion that demographical and social condition do not change the penalty of the
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Furthermore, the book address also the countries which abolished the death penalty and the progress and the consequences that it results. Moreover, the practice of capital punishment like methods, the role of physicians, and the type of crimes that will utilize the death penalty such as religious dissent, economic offenses, public order, illicit drug trading and sexual offenses. The author addresses the equality and fairness of the capital punishment of both perspectives. For example, the death penalty can put some innocent people on death row and be put to death. However, the oppose opinion to state that it 's impossible to be 100% sure in any justice system and with the death penalty being used it can decline the crime rate and cleanse the criminals from the
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