Israeli and Palestinian Coexistence

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Is a one-state solution to Israeli-Palestinian coexistence a possible way forward out of the conflict over the contested land? Introduction The essay will review literature on the possibility of Israeli/Palestinian coexistence to see whether this could happen and if so how it could happen. The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is one of the longest running conflicts in the world. Over the past two decades the two sides have been negotiating with other based on the two states for two peoples solution. In the opinion of many this option is no longer viable, therefore new options need to be explored. Literature Review This review will analyse three essays, two of the essays look at the Israeli/Palestinian conflict from the Palestinian perspective while addressing two different areas. Leila Farsakh addresses “how the One State Solution can become a clear political movement for the Palestinian people, one which can enable them to achieve their rights that the two-state solution failed to protect” (Farsakh, 56). While the second essay by Camille Mansour discusses the failures of the Palestinian negotiating paradigm over the past 20 years and provides direction for Palestinian leaders for future negotiations. The third essay by Nathan Witkin discusses the case for a completely new paradigm to resolve the conflict by using the one state, two peoples, two governments idea called the Interspersed Nation-State. Camille Monsour’s essay doesn’t deal with the one-state solution but highlights the reasons why many now believe a one-state solution is the answer. Monsour argues that over the past 20 years since the Oslo Accords were signed, that Palestinian leaders have failed in the way and the manner in which they negotiated with Israel. She outline... ... middle of paper ... ...hat the supporters of a one-state solution have a very difficult job to do in persuading Palestinians and especially Israelis that it is a viable option. The one-state solution is a possible, however this could only happen following a period of peace between the two sides. At present the level of mistrust and in-balance of power between the two sides makes it difficult to foresee such a solution being implemented or taken seriously. Works Cited Witkin, N. (2011) ‘The Interspersed Nation-State system: A Two-state/One Land Solution for the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Middle East Journal 65:1 Farsakh, L (2011) ‘The One state Solution and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Palestinian Challenges and Prospects’, Middle East Journal 65:1 Mansour, C. (2011) ‘Toward a new Palestinian Negotiation Paradigm’, Journal of Palestine Studies, XI:3, 38-58

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