Isolation and Feelings in Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

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It appears that the people who care the most end up getting hurt by the ones they love. The more time, energy, love, and money that a person sometimes invests get thrown back in their face once something drastic happens. In turn, this causes feelings of worthlessness and isolation and can eventually lead to death. Franz Kafka understands this better than anyone else and can portray this in his novella, the Metamorphosis. In his novella, The Metamorphosis, the protagonist, Gregor Samsa is one who undergoes a physical and mental transformation due to the unrelenting pressures that his father placed upon him which eventually cause him to die. At the heart of the father-son relationship lies Gregor and his father whose relationship is explored throughout The Metamorphosis. It demonstrates the feelings of worthlessness that Franz Kafka experiences within his own life.
Kafka had a difficult life with his father. His father, Hermann Kafka, had a stern demeanor that overtook the Kafka household. Some would say that he was a bit tyrannical and had an extremely short temper. Kafka's father had a prolific influence on Franz’s life and style of writing. Mr. Kafka took very little interest in Franz’s artistic expression through writing. He attributed much of his own personal struggle to the horrible relationship that he and his father had developed. He used the strain placed on the relationship as an excuse for why he never had blossoming romances with females and great friendships with those he would meet. In the end, Kafka derived his morals and family values particularly from his overbearing father. In his writings, various amounts of Kafka's characters were often in conflict with a controlling, dominant power. It was always a power that s...

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...g to reach out, no matter how bad the circumstance may be, he or she will eventually die. Through the Metamorphosis, Kafka is portraying that when someone is stripped of every bit of humanity, it is then that people discover that they are truly nothing. “The metamorphosis is the first occurrence in his life over which no one (including he) had any control” (McCarty). It is then crucial for each person to reevaluate their life each and every moment of the day and ask themselves if they are living the life they desire or rather carrying out someone else’s dream. Living for someone else and not taking time out for one’s own self can cause unhappiness and loneliness. When that person does not reciprocate the same energy that a person puts out to care for them, it makes things a lot harder. Everyone is their own worst enemy when he or she exercises learned helplessness.
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