Isolation In The Painted Door

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In today’s society, isolation often becomes both a physical and emotional influence on an individual who does not experience any social interactions. These influences can lead individuals to develop a need to distract themselves from their boredom through temptation. In Sinclair Ross’s short story, “The Painted Door”, Ann overcomes her isolation through her infidelity which ultimately cost her, her marriage. Ross develops the idea that isolation is crucial because internal conflicts and desires create temptation resulting in infidelity. Isolation often creates dismay resulting in an individual facing internal conflicts with themselves. Ann experiences and endures unbearable loneliness to the point where she needs to do almost anything to…show more content…
With nobody but herself at home, Ann strongly desires to talk to someone, and that someone who arrives at her house is Steven. Ann who has been feeling anxious and helpless while isolated suddenly feels relief when Steven comes as shown, “-and suddenly at the assurance of his touch and voice the fear that had been gripping her gave way to an hysteria of relief.” Steven helps comfort Ann, while Ann is being cautious of herself. She knows that Steven is enticing, but will not give in to him despite how attractive she finds him. Steven is the complete opposite of John and Ann compares John to Steven multiple times, “Steven’s smile, and therefore difficult to reprove. It lit up his lean, still-boyish face with a peculiar kind of arrogance: features and smile that were different from John’s.” and even favours Steven more than her husband. Ann is used to seeing John’s features but not Steven’s. This excites Ann and prompts her to develop feelings that are of a high school girls’, “She didn’t understand, but she knew. The texture of the moment was satisfyingly dreamlike.” It takes Ann a moment to realize that her object of temptation is right in front of her, and it does not take long for her to take the opportunity to ease her boredom and isolation through her upcoming
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