Isolation In Katherine Mansfield's 'The Sitting Bee'

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Katherine Mansfield was a revolutionary modernist author who had the ability and remarkable literacy that greatly inspired several other writers of her time to follow in her footsteps. As Eric McMillan says in his article "Living and dying in the physical world" Eric describes her as "...she was an originator of the modernist style, eschewing straightforward narrative to build up each story through the accumulation of finely observed, seemingly inconsequential moments." Katherine Mansfield concerned herself with the people of society and engulfed her writing in the everyday stuggle working class individuals. Although Katherine Mansfield wrote about the concern of oridinary people, she was not ordinary herself. Instead of having to work for a living, Katherine Mansfield was born Kathleen Mansfield Beauchamp to a wealthy and powerful family in…show more content…
Dermot editor of “The Garden Party- Katherine Mansfield” on The Sitting Bee short stories reviews examined the depth of story and said “The Garden Party by Katherine Mansfield we have the theme of connection of isolation....” He goes on to say in “The Garden Party” the story is narrated by an unnamed 3rd person, as the narrator is reading the story the reader knows that Mansfield is exploring the theme of isolation. Also, the Sheridan’s house and gardens shows that the Sheridan’s is disconnected from the rest of the world around them. For example, “Mr. and Mrs. Sheridan tend to isolate their children from the harsh reality of the mundane, workaday world. Entry to the estate is open only to the upper-class acquaintances of the family–the guests at the garden party” (The Garden Party pg. 2588) by setting the Sheridan’s house on top of a hill that could suggest not only they live above others but also but they are detached from the world around
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