Isolation And Isolation In Frankenstein

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Isolation can be a physical and emotional struggle. There are many people who feel isolated from the world because of their emotions. Some feel isolated and alienated because of the way they look or maybe because of their social status in society. In the novel, Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, it is ironic that the creature that Victor Frankenstein creates as a companion is the driving force behind Victor’s alienation and isolation. The isolation that Victor feels is created by pursuing his interests of bringing the dead to life. He chooses to be alone “in a solitary chamber, or rather cell, at the top of the house” (Shelley 49). When Victor completes his masterpiece and the creature comes to life, he still feels alone. According to Diane Telgen, “Victor’s inquisitive nature causes his emotional and physical peril because he cannot balance his intellectual and social interactions” (188). He is not a very social person and he cannot be a scientist and a friendly person at the same time. Juggling a social life with an intellectual life becomes too much for him to bear so he chooses one: the scientific world. Victor appears to be more interested in himself, thus the chosen isolation in his room. However, he does have a family: his brother, William, his fiancée/sister, Elizabeth, his father, and best friend Henry Clerval. Paul Sherwin expresses that “[Victor severs] all contact with his family, other beings, and familiar nature [.] [H]e is intent on hollowing out a zone in reality where he can be utterly alone” (894). He chooses to push away everyone who cares for him so he can work on his masterpiece. Nothing in the world is more important to Victor than bringing this creation to life. He puts himself in confinement and ... ... middle of paper ... ...his creator. The creature has such a feeling of loneliness and abandonment that his sad feelings grow and mutate into feeling of revenge, anger, and hatred for Victor. In conclusion, Victor’s reason for revenge on the creature is for destroying all of his happiness, killing his family, and all things good in his life. Although Victor blames the creature for his life falling apart, it is Victor’s fault ultimately because he created the problem. Without the creation of this being, there would be no death in Victor’s life other than his own happiness that he created for himself in solitude. Both Victor and the creature create an isolated world for each other. The story begins with Victor in his isolated room, progressing to the abandonment and alienation of the creature, and finally ending with the creature now creating a world of isolation for Victor in return.
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