Island Homicide

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Many years ago off the coast of northern Maine occured a horrible incident. Several people were hung, branded, and brutally tortured by the psychotic serial killer. A total of 24 people were murdered and hung by the warped, twisted, gnarled limbs of a willow tree. One of the victims was the wife of the sheriff. It took 6 weeks 6 days and 6 hours precisely; for the police to apprehend the sick cruel mind of "Brian" Wright. The trials were long and tedious, until the verdict of guilty was conceived. The death penalty was to be given immediately; no appeals were allowed. He was hanged in front of the steeple of the church. His last words echoed into the crowd before his feet plunged downwards, and his body swayed from side to side. The island still had to live with the tramatic episode of its first homicide. More like its first 24.... People feel safe after the tenth anniversary of the execution of "Brian" Wright. But his last words of, "Death is never the end," still lives on in the hearts of the afflicted. After the arrival of many people horrible "occurences" have happened......................again. The wedding is a complete disaster. It is no longer safe for anyone............... Evil courses through the arteries and veins of the islands. Who is to blame? Is, "Death" truely "never the end?" Everyone shall see... Chapter 1- The Arrival There always has to beginning to every story. A decrepit taxi slowly managed to pull into the harbors docking area. The engine continued to hum for moments longer. All the guests have arrived and gone aboard the ferry. The taxt door on the right side was openned. Slowly someone stepped out of the taxi. After she stood up from the compact seat of the taxi; she closed the door. The tax... ... middle of paper ... ...m. Down below the bridge from a ledge a voice of pure horror and terror seized his ears. The hacker said in his certain voice, "Worse is yet to come of this island." The chopping and mutilating of Jake's father continued. He stopped moving; life had left his body, but the sound of the blade swiishing through the air was not silenced. Half a body plummeted into the chasm with the last sigh of Jake's father. The sword was slowly slid into the holder once again. Boulders and rocks were stained a scarlet red as the body hit the rocks and as the rocks cascaded down with the carcas. The remaining potion of the body was dripping blood into the chasm, and the internal organs slowly slid from their places and fell with a squish with every impact. The marauder's laugh could only be heard for a few instances until the night got quiet again with the rustle of the leaves.
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