Islamic Rituals In The Islamic Tradition

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Hypothesis: Islamic Rituals are important to the Islamic tradition. Characteristics of Islam rituals include: purification, charity, fasting and prayer. The individual believer finds Islamic rituals important. Chairs and Prayer are two of the main rituals.

Introduction: The Islamic tradition finds rituals extremely important. They have five pillars, each pillar has a ritual the five pillars are, prayer, charity, fasting, the pilgrimage to Mecca and the profession of faith. Islam is a very ritualistic religion and uses prayer as a way to purify the body and the soul. They do this by praying five times a day. This essay will explain to you the importance of rituals in religious practice, ritual practices in the Islamic tradition, the importance of rituals to the individual believer and the significance of prayer and charity to the Islamic tradition.

Rituals are a religious ceremony it's consists with "Entry, Preparation, Climax, Celebration and Return" (Terry Lovat). Rituals are in every religion, Islam has prayer and charity, while Christians have baptism and the sign of the cross before prayer. The effect religious rituals have on the society today is that it works like a community and makes people feel apart of something. Through many years of religions growing rituals have been developed as a way of worshipping their god. Worshipping their god is away of assuring the believer or the society that in the afterlife they will be treated well as a praise for worshipping and praying to their god over there life. Without rituals religions would just be a group of people, the significance of rituals are that it brings everybody together to work as a group and pray with each other. Some rituals like purification make the individual ...

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... each year as charity. The idea of charity is about giving money to the poor, which helps the poor and helps the person that has given his money move towards holiness and submission to Allah. The effect prayer has on the Islamic person is that the person praying feels "Inner happiness, Peace, Comfort and that god is pleased with him" (Matt Slick).

Conclusion: In conclusion the Islamic religion has many features like prayer and charity, these rituals are important to the individual believer because it makes the believer feel closer to god through helping and praying. The Islamic tradition has many rituals, likes the five pillars of faith. These are highly important rituals not only to the tradition but also to the individual believer. The Islamic religion is an interesting religion that should be studied further, so we can understand more about their tradition.