Islamic Extremists and their Impact in the View of Muslim and Islamic People

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It is unfortunate that tensions of our nation with Islamic extremists have cause many Americans to dismiss the entire Muslim culture and Arab world as being “ignorant”. What does this chapter teach us that makes this viewpoint historically ignorant? While some Islamic extremists have given the Muslim culture and the Arab world a “bad name”, this chapter has taught me many things about the religion. For example, just like “our” Christian religion, the Muslims too believe that Allah, like our God, is “all powerful, all seeing, and all merciful” (Sayre). The Muslim religion is very similar to Christianity. Christians believe in one and only God, and believe that God created Heaven and Earth. Muslims also believe that because their God, Allah created the universe, which then makes the universe “good and beautiful” (Sayre). Muslims also believe that there is only one God, which they call Allah. According the the Qur’an, being at one with nature is similar to being at one with God. Similar to Christianity, the Muslims and Islam believe that human beings have an eternal soul that can live forever in heaven if they surrender themselves to Allah and accept him as their one (and only) God. Many Americans probably feel that the Muslims and the Arab world are a careless and ruthless people, but the Qur’an teaches compassion much like our own Bible does. The Islamic extremists have caused much of the American public to feel that the Muslim religion and the Arab world are violent. Just like the Bible has the Ten Commandments, the Qur’an has the five pillars which try to instill peace and calm into its followers. The five pillars teach the Muslim community to “witness”, to practice prayer on a daily basis, to give to the poor and need... ... middle of paper ... ...we should use as an example of the Baptist Church, this is just proof that extremists exist in every culture and religion. Photo Credit: Pictured here is an example of protests that occurred after the attacks on the United States after September 11, 2001. Here are two Muslims walking with a sign showing that the attacks on the United States were not done “in the name of Islam”. This too, just like the image above is proof that there are radicals in every culture and religion. References NPR. 08 02 2012. 03 03 2014. . NPR. 02 03 2011. 02 03 2014. . Sayre, Henry M. The Humanities: Culture, Continuity, and Change. Upper Saddle River: Pearson, 2012.

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