Islam spread to north africa

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Islam came to North Africa as a result of missionary efforts, traders spreading the religion, and conquest of neighboring countries.
“There are about 1.6 billion Muslims, or 23% of the world’s population, making Islam the second-largest religion”(Desilver 1). When the religion first began it wasn’t as widely accepted as today. Followers of the Islamic religion worked very hard to spread the Muslim religion. Many Muslims would work day and night trying to spread the religion. Traders, that were already Islamic, would talk about the religion as the would trade with non-Islamic traders. This would make the religion seem more appealing because the traders have a biased view and only speak of the good parts of Islam. Many of the first people to convert were people who were forced, although the Arabic army rarely enforced the people the conquered to change their faith, it still happened. Islam came to North Africa as a result missionary efforts, traders spreading the religion, and conquest of neighboring countries.
Followers of the Islamic faith went through a lot of hardship trying to get their religion to spread, one way they found successful was missionary efforts. A missionary effort is where the church would send a group of Muslims to near-by countries to spread the religion. “Starting around the beginning of the 10th century, religious Islamic regimes began appearing in North Africa” (“Spread of Islam” 117). These people had many points to persuade people to convert to Islam. Soon after the Arab army started conquering people and making them convert; “Conquest by Muslim Arabs gradually turned into a more general spread of Islam in its Middle Eastern-North African heartland and beyond” (“North Africa” 48). This was because of the ...

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...trades spreading the religion, and conquering of neighboring countries. Missionary efforts helped convert because they made the Islamic religion seem better than all other religions because of their biased views which made them tell only the good sides of the religion. Traders would tell other traders how sense they had converted to the Muslim religion their trading bussiness has blossomed. This made many people convert; this was the most widespread and the fastest way if getting people to convert to Islam. Many people convert because of the Arab army. They would conquer African tribes and make them convert, or enforce a special tax upon non Muslims, or after conquering a few tribes other tribes would convert because of the power and wealth of the army. The Islamic religion wouldn’t be as influential today if it was for these people who wanted to spread the religion.