Islam Vs Christianity Research Paper

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The similarity between Islam and Christianity can be very interesting but they are the two most popular religions. The similarity between Islam and Christianity are they both believe in one god 9 (Allah) and Jesus. Another similarity is they both have a holy book. The Islamic holy book is called the Koran and the Christians holy book is the bible. With Islam being the second largest religion in the world with one billion follower and Christianity having two billion followers this proves the two religions are very popular and grows very fast.

Both Islam and Christianity believe in one god but they praise them in different ways. With the Islamic god being Allah and the Christian god being Allah and the Christians god being Jesus there religion was founded differently. The Islamic word for god is Allah which means the god of Islam (the one and only universal god/ creator of the universe). With Muhammad the last messenger and prophet being directed by Allah to spread his message around so the people can worship Allah. Muhammad went around for years gathering followers, Muhammad became more than a prophet with his wife by his side. He wanted equality for both the poor and the rich. For the god of Christianity is considered to be the son of god who was sent down to earth to spread out his message. Jesus
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Their holy books teaches the people the messages of their one gods. The Koran mentions names that are related to Christianity. In the Koran it mentions that the Jews , romans , and Muslims believes that he was raised up to heaven as it is also mention in the bible. The holy bible mentions the Ten Commandments and the teaching of the right and the wrong doings. The bible teaches that one day Jesus will return back to earth from the heavens and judge those who did wrong and reward those who followers his teachings just as the Islamic book stated which shows similarities between both
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