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Islam has its origin starting in the 7th century. It is now one of the largest religions and is still gaining followers in many parts of the world. As claimed by many Muslims, Islam contains the truth and is the religion that brings life. The most authoritative book of the Islamic faith is the Quran. It contains the words of Allah and his commandments that help to guide people in their journey of faith. By reading the Quran, one would be able to understand more about Islam and it practices.
The basis of Islam is the belief in one God, Allah. He is the Creator and Sustainer of the universe and the humankind. He has revealed his words through the prophet Muhammad which were recorded in the Quran. It is explicitly said in the Quran 2:2 that “no doubt is there about this Book: it is the guidance to the God-fearing.” Therefore, no one is allowed to question the words of God in the Quran based on the human standards. Instead, God will judge everyone based on His words.
One can find out from reading the Quran that a devout Muslim should obey Allah in everything and implies the laws of God in his daily lives. The Quran 5:1-9 contains typical Muslim laws regarding food, sexual integrity, prayer, and other behaviors. For example, Muslims are prohibited to eat any unclean food, such as pork, dead animal, or the food that was sacrificed to other gods (Quran 5:4). Things that do not belong to these categories are allowed to eat; however, Muslims have to “make mention of the name of God over” the food before eating (Quran 5:6). Nevertheless obeying God’s commands should not be approached as a burden. Rather, they need to be observed with thankfulness and gratefulness because a person who practices the law faithfully will be purified by it (Qur...

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...y the evil one. This story of creation is very similar to the story written in the book of Genesis with slight differences. However, in both stories, pride was the reason for its fall.

Again, the Quran 11:1-25 touches on many important themes described in the previous paragraphs. First of all, Muslims are obligated to “worship none other than God” (Quran 11:2). He is wise and all-knowing. There is nothing that someone could hide from his sight even if they are covered by their garments (Quran 11:6). Also, He has created the universe and sustains its existence himself; for nothing can come into existence without him (Quran 11:8). It is Allah who has the power to punish those who disobey him. He has prepared for them the fire, and “vain shall be their doings” (Quran 11:19). On the other hand, God will grant his followers the Paradise and eternal life (Quran 11:25).
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