Islam And Sikhism Reflection Paper

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Coming into this course, I knew next to nothing about both Islam and Sikhism. I was shocked to discover how close Islam is to Christianity. With everything going on in the world, I would have never of guessed that. I was also shocked to discover how different Sikhism is form both Islam and Christianity. Before this lecture, I have never even heard of this religion and to be honest I am not quite sure what I was expecting. The meaning of Islam I thought was very interesting. Islam means “surrender” or “submission.” In regards to their faith, it means a complete, wholehearted surrender to God. The world Islam also means a sense community of all believers. The Muslim divine is an all-powerful, transcendent God, who has created the universe and…show more content…
There are so many different beliefs and religion. I think if people look deeply into them, every single person would find themselves to reside with one. If that did happen, I think our world would be a better place. Religion provides community and I think our world needs a sense of community. Also, after looking at so many different religions I do think there is a connection between religion and spirituality. I learned that a lot of religions believe in spirits and a spiritual world. Good examples of this are the Native American Religions and Vodun. They believe that these spirits guide them through life and protect them. But, I think spirituality can be applied to any religion. For Christianity, I believe that I have a guardian angel that lives in a spiritual world, who protects me. As a result of this course I definitely have a better understanding and a greater respect for religion. Religion is a big part of many cultures. Each religion has its unique aspects that they value. I was happy to learn as much as I did, and I feel that through this class I broke out of my bubble even more, so thank

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