Islam And Islam: The History Of Islam

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There are many religions in the world but Islam has been one of the fastest growing religions. It is one of the religions that is monotheistic like Judaism and Christianity. The meaning of Islam is “submission to God” in Arab. Muslim means “one who surrenders” which are the followers of Islam. They follow the teachings of Prophet Muhammad who mediates for them to Allah. Islam began by Arabian near the Arabian Peninsula. It is not just practiced in Arab countries but all over the world. There are about 200 million Muslims in Indonesia as well as other countries that continuously practice it. Islam started during the seventh- century by a man named Muhammad. During 622 Muhammad and his fellow followers went from Mecca to Medina. This date marks a very importance to the Muslims because to them this was the start of Islamic era. The sacred text of Islam is the Quran. There are many things that can be discussed about Islam through the life of Muhammad, the sacred text Quran, the five pillars, what Islam contributed to the world, and how Islam is related to Western civilization.
The Muslims believed that God revealed his last revelations to Muhammad which they call “seal of the prophet.” Muhammad was born in Mecca. Born into the Hashim clan tribe of Quraysh. His grandfather was well respected man for his large trading caravans to the Byzantine and Ethiopian emperors with protection from other tribes. He would often help his grandfather with some of the trades. His father had died during a trade journey and his family struggled to get by. Muhammad was then sent to a Bedouin tribe in which a poor woman became his wet-nurse. This experience made him more sympathetic with the less fortunate. The sayings and Muhammad’s stories were preserv...

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...arate things. I ended up finding out that both are the same thing and that Muslims are people that follow Islamic beliefs or practice it. Another thing I learned was the struggles that American Muslims are facing in the western civilization. Their beliefs and traditions are dwindling slowly, because of the people or things around them. I also came from a similar culture to theirs where we did not have boys and girls sit together or date without restrictions. I think it just reminded me of some the struggles we went through or what other cultures that came here are going through. To me there was a lesson to be learned. I think taking the opportunity to learn about different kind of religion’s like this helps us learn more about them and understand their points of view when it comes to certain things. Islam is a religion that is true to their traditions and values.

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