Isiah Isomas Case Study

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Introduction – Equal Opportunity in Employment This reflective paper will address several issues associated with equal opportunity in employment, using the video case study for Isiah Thomas. First, it will discuss whether there should be a different standard of behavior in the workplace compared to personal relationships. Next, this paper will discuss how a court should determine what constitutes sexual harassment and what does not. Additionally, it will discuss whether culture should play any part in that determination. Finally, given the dollar amounts discussed in the video, this paper will discuss the risk that false sexual harassment claims might be filed and what might be done to prevent them from being filed. Standards of Behavior There is a very large difference between workplace standards of behavior and personal standards of behavior. According to one source, many organizations require that employees meet standards of professional behavior as a condition of employment. These standards help an organization create a respectful working environment for everyone (Bianca, n.d., para 1). Also, workplace behavioral standards are intended to ensure a respectful workplace for all employees (Community behavioral standards, n.d., para 1). Whereas workplace…show more content…
According to the 1980 U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Enforcement Guidance, the guidelines (or rule) include declaring sexual harassment a violation of Section 703 of Title VII, establishing criteria for determining when unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature constitutes sexual harassment (EEOC, 1990, para 4). Given the facts as described in the case video, the victim claimed sexual harassment given Thomas’ unwanted actions. The court, in this case, applied this guideline when the victim declared Thomas’ attempt to hug her and kiss her on the cheek as

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