Isaiah: His Calling To Do God's Call For Our Life

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In Isaiah 6:1-13 the author Isaiah speaks about his calling to do God’s will. Isaiah had a vision of God sitting on the throne after King Uzziah died. Isaiah was shocked at first and said he was unworthy to be in the presence of God. Isaiah recognized that he was unworthy to serve God. God then told him that his sins had been taken away and atoned for. God wanted to use him for some reason though, and that is exactly what he did. Then the scene tells of God putting a mission on Isaiah’s heart. Isaiah responded saying he wanted to be the one to serve God and to deliver his message to the people. This is a question we all have in our lives. Will we answer God’s call to follow and pursue his call for our lives? When God expected Isaiah to do…show more content…
I started working at a Fedex last year when I was nineteen. I took this as a second job because I felt lost in life and I was trying to find myself in God. I was not able to come to college at that time and I had just broken up with my girlfriend. This was not the best time in my life. However, it turned out to be a great place to minister. I was able to reach people for God. One instance that I was able to minister for the Lord was with Tyler. Tyler and I worked in the same area at Fedex for a few months. He was my supervisor and a huge pot head. We talked about movies, comic books, drugs, our struggles, and Jesus. One night Tyler and I were talking about Jesus and his beliefs in God. He was skeptical about Jesus and did not know what he was about. I told him Jesus was sent here to save us from ourselves and everything bad we have ever done. The conversation led to me telling him that he was loved by God and could be forgiven for anything he had ever done wrong. I still remember what he said; “ Wow that is crazy!” I realized what it was to impact people for the Kingdom of God. I was able to plant a seed for God in a place I had never even wanted to…show more content…
I believe that everything is circumstantial. The circumstances when Isaiah was a prophet are different than ours in the work force today; however, we can still spread the truth of God and his ability to atone for our sins. This is a constant problem in my own life, I do not think that I am able or worthy enough to do the things that God wants me to do. I then let these thoughts consume me and stop me from following the will of God. I do not think this is the only objections we can raise. We can raise the objection that we may come across as weird or judgmental if we talk to people about Christ or our Bible. We can also say things are too hard to do, such as doing the right thing on a daily basis. When it comes to God equipping us like he did Isaiah, I believe he fully does this. He told Isaiah what to say to the people in chapter six. I believe he tells us exactly what to say to people if we take the time to search for the answers and follow his will. The Bible is full of sound advice and lessons for us to live by and follow. This can help us when it comes to dealing with people that we will encounter in the workplace or on the streets. The ability to do this is God working in us and is all his power, not our
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