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Sir Isaac Newton was, and still is, one of the worlds’ most well known scientists. He dedicated his life to science, but at the time, it was known as philosophy. If it wasn’t for him, there wouldn’t have been any physics, or any other methods of science. Isaac also helped the city of London fend off counterfeits. He was also very obsessed with religion at the age of 16, and would write all his sins and he would also write apology letters to his friends or acquaintances for all his wrong doings. Isaac Newton was an interesting person. A very interesting person was he, indeed.
Isaac Newton’s life can only be described as grim. Isaac was born on Christmas Day, of the year 1642. He was born as the only child, and never met his dad. Isaac Newton, also a prosperous farmer was his dad, who had died three months before he was born. Not much was known about him. On the other hand, his mother, a woman named Hannah Newton, gave birth to him, but did not know he was pre-mature. English women in the 1600’s usually had 12 or even more kids. This was to ensure that at least half would make it. Most of the times, not even close to half of the children would make it. No one expected him to make it, though his mother stuck him in a box behind the wood stove to keep him warm. In the box, he has a pillow specially designed to help support his neck. At the age of three, his mom deserted him with his grandparents to allow his mom to marry and stay with her second husband, Barnabas Smith, an England Church clergyman. Smith never allowed Isaac in his house, and he was the agreement between the two couple. Though Smith’s house was only a mile away, it would have felt like an ocean. “A wife that expects to have good name is always at home, as if she were...

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...or women. He usually referred to women as a “fair defect of nature.” (Krull 23)
As for school, he had standard education. At the time, only boys were to go to school while girls stayed at home to learn basic household duties at home. His headmaster was named Henry Stokes. He set up a curriculum that drilled students in Latin, Greek, Hebrew, arithmetic, which was very practical for farmers at the time. They also studied the Bible, the most important of all studies. There was no such thing as science, encyclopedias, or even dictionaries. He was placed at the bottom of the class for his small size, being a poor student, lagging behind, and being inattentive.
His mother did not encourage him at all. She did not see any point of educating him and she pulled him right out of school. She then taught him, or actually mad the serfs, how to do farm work around the farm.

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