Isaac Newton Biography

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Isaac Newton was a very intelligent man. He was a proficient physicist, astronomer, alchemist, and a mathematician. He is widely known as “the most important figure in the scientific revolution.” (Baigrie, Brain S. 2001) When Isaac Newton was a physics he formulated the three fundamental laws of motion. Those laws helped led him in the right direction to develop a universal law of gravity. He was the first to discover that color is the property of light and that colors are visable in the spectrum or in the rainbow.
Growing up
Isaac Newton was born on December 25, 1642 in Woolsthorpe, England. Three months before Isaac was born his father died. His mother and father’s names wereHannah Ayscough and Isaac Newton Sr. Isaac was born a premature baby with little to no chance of survival. When Isaac was just two or three years old his mother remaried to a minster named Barnabas Smith. Newton’s mother went to live with him. Hannah left young Isaac with his maternal grandmother. This experience left Isaac with an acute sence of insecurity. When Isaac was a young boy, he attended the King’s School (a local school) in Greantham, a town in Lincolnshire, where he showed an early interest in mechanical devices. Isaac made model clocks and lanterns, he even built an exsact model of a mill that was powered by a mouse. When Isaac was 12 years old his mother’s second husband died and she moved back home. When his mothercame back she brought three small children from her second marrriage along with her. Isaac’s mother wanted him to become a farmer and run the family farm. Isaac had no interest in taking care of the family farm, and with the urge of his uncle and school teacher Isaac did not become a farm and run his family farm. What he ended up d...

... middle of paper ... mystical and religious beliefs was what influenced Newton’s earlier scientfic works. Newton continulisly served as president of the Royal Society and warden of the mint until his final days.
In March, 1727, Newton was eighty he grow sick and had pain in his abdomen and blacked out. The next day, March 31, 1727, Isaac Newton died. Newton didn’t have any kids or was ever married. I guess you could say that he let his work get the best of him.
Newton was one of the best scientest that had ever lived and still over hundres of years later kids are learning about him. Isaac Newton changed the world and without him we wouldn’t have ever learned about the laws of motion, gravity, or even that light is made up of more then one color. Newton has answered all of our questions through the years and if it wasn’t for him we would look at life a whole different way.
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