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Sir Isaac Newton was one of the greatest physicist and mathematicians of all time. He was born in England on December 25, 1642 on Christmas. He died at the age of eighty four on March 20, 1727. Newton was never married and never had any children. Though he did have three siblings from his mother’s second marriage. Some of Newton’s achievements in physics and mathematics are; Newton’s law of universal gravitation, Newton’s three laws of motion, calculus, refraction of light, reflecting telescope, Newton’s law of cooling, coins, and the binomial theorem. I will be talking about all of these in this paper over Sir Isaac Newton along with different parts of his personal life along the way.
Starting off from the list of substantial accomplishments by Isaac Newton I picked Newton’s three laws of motion. If you have ever had a science class prior reading this, then these laws should sound vaguely familiar to you. The first law of motion states
In plain man’s terms it basically means if you place a ball on the counter then it will not move. But if you move it or apply any amount of force on it then the ball will move. Newton second laws of motion states
This second law of motion is so indescribably helpful in making leaps in physics and it is one of the main formulas used in physics. And finally Newton third law of motion states that,
This law is one of the most popular and well known laws of the three. For an easy example you could be stepping off a skateboard toward the ground, we end up pushing the skateboard backward, an easy everyday activity. This is one of Newton’s greatest accomplishments; these three laws. They have extremely helped us in physics, science, and mathematics. Without these laws we wouldn’t be where we are today....

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... is vastly different and more complex. Because of this we now have multiple ways to discover and use binomials. This is yet again another one of Sir Isaac Newton’s great mathematical contributions.
So, in conclusion these are all of the mathematical and scientific discoveries and accomplishments of Sir Isaac Newton. He influenced the world as we know today in so many ways. A great man on so many levels. It is simply unimaginable to me how a single man was able to coo all of this in just eighty four years. But amazingly enough he did. And I believe that the whole should be eternally grateful, because without him, we do not know where we would be or how far we would be behind in this world. So, thank you so much Sir Isaac Newton for opening our eyes about the world around us and letting us know what we are capable of. This is the life and story of Sir Isaac Newton.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains the scientific definition of the refraction of light that sir isaac newton came up with.
  • Explains sir isaac newton's invention, the reflecting telescope, which uses mirrors to reflect light instead of lenses.
  • Explains that sir isaac newton redesigned the entire currency of england so it would be less easy to counterfeit or forge.
  • Recaps and discusses sir isaac newton's accomplishments in his eighty-four years of life.
  • Explains newton's three laws of motion, calculus, refraction of light, reflecting telescope, newton’s law of cooling, coins and the binomial theorem.
  • Concludes that sir isaac newton created the binomial theorem and perfected it. he influenced the world in so many ways.
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