Is the NSA Program Keeping Us Safe?

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Ever since 9/11, the government has taken actions toward preventing any attempts in the future. The NSA was developed to gather information off millions of emails, social media, and phone calls. We are being monitored by the government ever since it still has not helped much, a couple months ago the boston marathon, its a failed program or perhaps thats just the cover up. Once you do something suspicious online or anywhere else you are categorized as a possible terrorist. NSA has been in effect for over 7 years now and still it hasn’t prevented much. This agency funded by the federal government has gone to court multiple times yet they have won all of the cases. Not only have they kept secrets from us and spy on us but as well as many other countries, this is not pleasing for them. This will break relationships between these countries, even with the U.S. own people. Potentially this could mean war, it is violating our rights and other countries might take action against it. As I have gathered the most reputable sources online and school trusted I can conclude this information. NSA classified documents leaked to the people, as Snowden had spilled all the agency secrets some believe this could be an advantage to our enemies. This will break relationships with other countries as well. The sources gathered are school approved and the information is reliable from Facts of file Prosecuting Government Whistleblowers Follow-Up:NSA Consultant Leaks Classified Documents, Manning Trial Begins. Speaker John Boehner labeled Snowden as a “traitor”(4 paragraph), and this broke bonds between the agent and the people. Not only that but also now the people know what the government has been hiding from the people. They’re breaking bonds and causin... ... middle of paper ... ...sed problems by breaking relationships with powerful nation’s. This shows how the NSA has been caught red handed by most sophisticated countries. The NSA keeping secrets from the public breaks relationships between the government and its citizens. Also between other countries too. The once secretive agency not known by many people has been exposed to their secrets by Snowden and other countries too. Although there are multiple POVs on this, most people could agree that spying on their own people is just wrong. So now the topic is still open and yet very controversial, many more countries still don’t know their spied on and the NSA has no problems with the law meaning they can do whatever they want to do. We are under their care now, if it wasn’t for Snowden we probably would of never known now imagine what else the government hides from us, is it time to rebel now.
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