Is the Impeachment in the Nations Best Interest?

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Is the Impeachment in the Nations Best Interest?

The President of the united States obstructed justice by encouraging Monica Lewinsky to file a false affidavit in the case of Jones v. Clinton. Then he committed grand jury perjury when he stated that he told Ms. Lewinsky she might be able to avoid testifying in the case by filing an affidavit. He also obstructed justice by allowing his attorney to use this false affidavit in an attempt to cut off a legitimate line of questioning during his deposition. He then lied about this obstruction before the grand jury. The President still denies he broke the law. He knows, however, that as soon as he does admit this then it’s all over for him. Personally I think the President did break the law. But is it worth sacrificing the wellbeing of the nation over this? Do we really want to look our kids in the eye and tell them that the nation’s economy was ruined over the Presidents penis?

How could this impeachment be good for the country? Is it somehow going to make the country stronger for people to see that even the President is not above the law. Every day people see cops fixing tickets, judges fixing tickets, politicians getting the children of their “friends” off the hook when they screwed up and there are hundreds of other ways people in this country avoid the consequences of the law. Americans are used to washing each others backs and looking the other way. Yet now the President can’t get away with exposing himself without being charged with obstruction of justice. It’s down right scary to think the President of the wealthiest country in the world doesn’t have enough pull to get out of this. I submit that O.J. Simpson got away with killing two people and with a mountain of evidence against him.

So if you can’t trust this Democratic President who can you trust? Certainly not the Republicans, they said “Hey Bill just admit wrong doing and all will be forgiven” but that obviously was a lie. Now the war against the two parties has taken on a new ferocity. The next thing you know neither side can trust the other. Take this as a hypothetical senario. Tensions build between the two groups, a Democrat bombs the Republican headquarters, the Republicans retaliate, and hard lines are drawn in our country.
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