Is homosexuality a psychological condition

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Homosexuality is a word used for people who like same-sex people. If you had a person that was male and he was a homosexual he would like another male instead of a women, it also goes with a women. I know a few people who are homosexual's, they are very dear to me. I think that people should just let people love who they want, it is really none of there business.

Homosexuality, when I think of this word and look at all the controversy over who people are supposed to love or who they have sex with, is crazy. This topic has been going on since the 1800's. When I was doing research for this paper I was surprised about how much people are against homosexual couples. Though history there have been a lot of psychologists who thought that homosexuality was a disease or and illness that could be cured, there were also the psychologists who thought that it was not a bad thing to be homosexual.

Sigmund Freud, the person that set developmental stages that every person goes though and if they didn't they would have a fixation on the period that they did not go though. Freud believed that we all had a little homosexuality in us, that it was normal and that it should not be sense as a bad thing. Freud did say that person will have a hard life. When I read that Freud , in his own way thought that homosexuality was not a bad thing and he thought that we all had some homosexuality in us, I was surprised. I mean the guy who thought people would get a fixation if we did not go though a period of development would agree that homosexuality was not a bad thing was amazing to me. I think that Freud was a perverted genius. The genius part is because he is a genius, but a perverted one.

Some other psychologists did not take Freud's belief in stri...

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...exuality as a disorder. The World Health Organisation did not follow suit until 1992. They did remove it as a disorder.

The removal of homosexuality has largely ended the discussion, that homosexuality was an ever a mental disorder. Even though homosexuality was removed and not classified as a disorder there are still anti-gay groups that still believe that this is a sin and against nature. They have classified this people as homophobic. Homophobic means that you are scared of homosexual's. I think i made my opinions on this issue known, I support homosexuality as long as you are happy then i really don't care who you love. It still makes me mad that people out there are homophobic. To mean the best people are homosexual's, they will be honest and tell you what they think but they will also be the people that if you want to have a good time you can count on them.
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