Is cloning right ?

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Can you image that every animal around you is cloned, or even every person?
Nowadays, he technology about cloning is developing rapidly. In the late 20th century, an English scientist group created the first cloned animal---Dolly sheep. The creature shocked the whole world, and after cloned sheep Dolly, in a rapid time, it comes cloned cows, cloned dogs, cloned pigs,etc.
On one side ,we are happy that the cloning technology is developing fast. But on the othert side ,there are also a large number of scientists and Thus, at my perspective, it is acceptable to clone botany, however, it is illegal and dangerous to clone human beings and animals.
How to clone an mammal? First, scientists will isolate a somatic cell from an adult female sheep. Then, the nucleus which contains almost all the DNA of the cell will be removed. They transfer the nucleus from the somatic cell to the egg cell. After a couple of chemical reaction, the new cell will just like a fertilized egg. Scientists will put it into another female sheep’s uterus, and the implanted embryo will grow.
As the rapid development of clone, many unawared and serious problem were found, not only in the biological level, but also in moral level.
What will happen if a cloned animal has a copulation with a nature one? Their production will pollute and destroy the nature balance. It is confused that why the creature which the cloned and the nature produced will pollute the nature balance, because the cloned animals’ gene are not the same order as the normal’s at some degrees, we are afraid that the cloned will totally change the natural gene order if we don’t isolate them.
Scientists found there is a phenomenon when the cloned animals were born, the cloned baby woul...

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...s right and acceptable to clone botany, and the history and reality proved it is practicable. Meanwhile, we should realize and admit that our technology of cloning animals and human beings is not vert mature and successful. We can’t forecast and stop what will happen if the clone is used indiscriminately. In total, as far, it is not right to clone animals and human beings, it is dangerous and it will cause moral controversies and biological problems.
The concept is expressed by the genetic science learning center ar the university of Utah

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