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Throughout history, abortion has been one of the most controversial topic that researchers and the public never seem to come together on terms of morality and legality. The topic brings up many questions, for example: Is abortion morally justifiable? Does the fetus have any legal rights? Is the fetus a human person? What is considered a person? The legality side of abortion can depend on many factors, such as incest, rape, fetal defects, a high risk of disability, socioeconomic factors or the mother's health being at risk. The morality side of abortion are those who are against abortion because that fetus is a human with the right to life and compare abortion to homicide, while there are those who advocate abortion rights because it is a woman's right to decide about matters concerning her own body.
There are two main views on abortion: the pro-choice view and the pro-life view. Pro-life activists believe that life begins at conception and abortion is equal to murder, the pro-choice activists believe that abortion will occur whether it is legal or not. Those who are pro-choice believe that making abortions legal provides a safe way to receive abortions that will save lives and also gives women control over their own bodies. Pro-life advocates argue that abortion is murder, claiming that abortion ends a pregnancy by removing the developing child. These activists claim that abortion promotes promiscuity and do not want any woman to have an abortion under any circumstances. Pro-life activists find that the majority of women having abortions are not victims of incest or rape, they are having abortions for purely social reasons because of unwanted pregnancies. The pro-choice advocates on the other hand argue that abortion is unavoidab...

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...ions. It is more of an abomination for a person to deny a woman’s right to have an abortion than to have an abortions. If you don’t like abortions you don’t have to like them and you do not need to have an abortion but you can not say someone else can not have an abortions just because you do not agree with it. Telling someone that they can not do something because you don’t agree with it is like saying that you can not cut your hedges because your neighbor does not want you to cut them. It is not your neighbor's right to tell you what you can and can not do with your yard. If we gave people that don’t agree with a certain idea the right to ban what they want then this nation will never grow. The greatest part of this nation is that we all have differences in beliefs and opinions. We should embrace everyone's opinions even if you do not support everyone's opinions.

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