Is University Degree Essential For A Successful Business?

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Nowadays, education is one of an essential basis in our life higher. Many people go to university to further study after secondary education, because most of them believe that going to university can make them having good futures. Moreover, most companies prefer their employees with university qualification rather than those without degree to make companies moving forward and being successful. Meanwhile some people prefer studying by their real experiences rather than studying in class to start doing their businesses. This essay will consider that university degree is essential to run a successful business in terms of general knowledge and specific skill and also can make professional connections to support students in the future. On the other hand, working experiences can make business prosperous. However, some students consider both degree and experience to succeed in their business.

One of the main benefits of university qualification is that graduates can gain more knowledge which can make them more understanding. University provides general knowledge and untouchable skill for students to prepare themselves doing business. According to Waters (2012), 'It 's true that a good university education can impart certain intangible benefits. It can sharpen your ability to think clearly '. Furthermore university also provides particular skill for students, for example, business lessons. According to Toren (2011), Students can learn entrepreneur basics in university corresponded to university programs. Therefore university can provide general knowledge and other lesson which related to business for graduates to start doing business more profitable.

Professional connections are another advantage for tertiary education. Some student...

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...lippers from the people whom he met in Kenya during his volunteering. As a result, some people can start doing business because of their experience or environment during their university and lead to a successful business.

In conclusion, university can provide general knowledge and specific skill which related to business. Therefore, graduates may know how to start doing business. Moreover, university students can also make connections to help and support them in the future to make business successful. However, during studying in university, students should find some practical skill and also learn from real experience along with studying in university. Students can also start doing business and study at the same time. As a result, to be successful in business, people need knowledge, some practical skill and professional connections to start doing business.
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