Is Theology And Faith?

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There are so many different opinions on how one can define theology and faith. And is there any relation to the two. Are they considered to be one in the same, or they totally different from each other? Let us first get an understanding of the two by definition. Theology is considered to be “the study of religious faith, practice, and experience along with the study of God and God’s relation to the world” (Webster.) We’ll come back to theology later; now let us get the definition for faith. Faith is a “strong belief in someone or something along with the belief in the existence of God” (Webster.) Many things can be taken from both theology and faith, but what remains constant in both is the word God. Theology is the study of God and Faith is the beliefs of existence in God. So now that we have an understanding of the meaning of both, we can possibly agree that their not one of the same, but one depends on the other whether it’s theology depending on faith or vice versa. We as believers try to make an attempt to summarize that theology is the attempt to articulate what faith is in a responsible manner. To me theology seems like an historical word that we tend to use freely amongst ourselves without grasping the real meaning when used in conversations about the Bible, God, and our savior Jesus. Without faith you can’t obtain a belief, and if you can’t believe in God there isn’t a reason to have a Christian theology. Faith is a strong word when it comes to believing in the Lord, and it can lead you in a righteous path in one continues to believe in the teachings of the Bible. Others may have faith in another being of their religion. Look at the Islamic faith; they believe their God (Allah) to not have a son. In The Ho... ... middle of paper ... ...they would understand the sacrifices. But in the end I turned to the Lord and asked for his guidance. Few months passed by and I didn’t get selected, grant it there was some animosity for it, but my wife said “maybe this is him telling you that it’s time to home and enjoy your family and start a new chapter in your life.” Since then, I was able to get a job I enjoy doing, buy a new home for us in a nice area where our boys can attend a great schools! The saying “God is good; God is great” is honestly a true testament in my life, and I’m proud of my religion and my faith in God. As we continue to express the importance of studying, praying, and worshiping in the Lord our God, we’ll continue depend on both theology and faith because they both play vital roles in our world’s history for what was sacrificed many years before our time to live peacefully in his name.
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