Is The Silent World Language Within A Language?

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Language within a language There is no message that our body cannot express without issuing a reaction. Many times we betray ourselves when we say the words but the head denies. There postures and gestures suggest the approach that eludes the contact. Is the silent world language within our language. Gestures, looks, movements constitute a code of nonverbal communication thoroughly studied by specialists. In the 50 's psychiatrists, anthropologists, psychologists, and sociologists they have come to develop a basic alphabet of this science. The anthropologist Albert Mehrabian found that when you are talking, but the message words in a 7% are received, while the tone of voice and other vocal details that have nothing to do with the meaning of words, received 38%, and the maximum content of 'non-verbal language ' communication transmits non-verbal body language gestures, with 55%. (Mehrabian, Albert (1971). Knowing understand the hidden messages is something that is not taught in schools: the basis of the effectiveness of modern media (TV movies, etc.), it is a language within a language that connects us to each of us at a lower level of our conscious awareness, reaching the unknown mechanism of human unconsciousness. This is a based on the human ability…show more content…
In reality, they are nothing but relief great internal stress, which expands, especially by the muscles of the face, neck, and upper trunk. "They are unwitting victim’s gestures that make people very nervous or living situations of crisis. Stretching your neck, according to psychologists, he expressed eagerness to highlight and compensation inferiority complex. Frown who hold great aggressiveness, especially when frustrated. However, specialists consider them positive for the organism, as are its safety valve ". (Friston, K., Adams, R. A., Perrinet, L., & Breakspear, M. (2012)
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