Is The Self Image Monster?

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When we think about monsters, we all come up with one common thought. We think of a large, terrifying beast that most likely has sharp teeth, demonic eyes, and the strength of a thousand men. Frightening yes, but I think we actually prefer this image for a few reasons. The biggest one being that this deadly, mythical creature is just that: a myth. It is simply a character in a story and it will never actually harm us. I love this mindset as much as the next person but unfortunately, it is completely untrue. The fact of the matter is monsters are real; and to make matters worse, we all carry one in our minds. It is called ‘the self-image monster’. Many of you might be wondering how on earth our self-image could be a monster, after all, are we not all taught the importance of self-image? Well, yes we are; and depending on how we mold it, it can benefit us a great deal. When we have a positive image of ourselves, we also have a higher level of confidence. We are more driven, have healthier relationships, and take better care of ourselves mentally and physically. So how does the seemingly healthy view of ourselves develop the ability to turn into something terrifying? The answer is really not all that complex. In today 's society, we as human beings feel a constant pressure to look a certain way. Magazine articles and television seem to make it their mission to remind us of this. They tell us that if we want popularity, friends, and a good life in general that we must commit to these unwritten rules. We are taught that the only way to get ahead in life is to mind those rules about looks, fashion, and diet and follow them exactly as instructed. In addition to that, we learn that there is no cost to... ... middle of paper ... ...o exception. We must be vigilant and always remember to keep weeding out the bad thoughts so that the monster has no soil to take root in. We should always remember though that just because we try our best to keep our self-esteem high and guard our minds against the constantly lurking beast that the occasional bad thought will still try and find a way to sneak in. They might manage to enter in by way of a friend or family members well-meaning but rather criticizing comment or a coworkers supposedly meaningless jab at your appearance. We are only human after all; and try as we might, we cannot always stop the weeds from taking root from time to time. They will always find a way to plant themselves and attempt to take over our garden and destroy our flowers. But it is our job as our gardens caregiver to persevere and fight off the monster. No matter the size
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