Is The Secondary Education? They Next Bubble?

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Is the secondary education “they next bubble?” Is the bubble about to pop? Yes higher education is a bubble. Higher education at many institutions is abhorrently overpriced. Many young adults are graduating with student loan debts higher than the price of their first homes. Is it that important to graduate from that prestigious school? Does that school really provide an education that is better than say going to a state university? Mr. Harris made an excellent point when he stated: “The result is that the most indebted generation in history is without the dependable jobs it needs to escape debt.” (Harris, 2011) But even with that being said the financial industry still backs private student loans as a good investment. As Mr. Harris quoted Barclay Capital from 2006 “For this sector, we expect sustainable growth in new issuance volume as the growth in education costs continues to outpace increases in family incomes, grants, and federal loans.” (Harris, 2011) Student loans seem to be risk-free; as the more young adults seek a higher education the more student loans will be created. Wi...

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