Is The Death Penalty Inhumane?

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Jacob Roussel
Mrs. Gallos
English 3H
19 April 2016
Is the Death Penalty Inhumane?
For centuries the death penalty has been used to end a criminal’s life, or to strike fear into criminals hearts. Today, North America is one of the few remaining countries who still enforce the death penalty, and it has people talking. Is it still necessary to enforce the death penalty or are we falling behind in a more peaceful time in the world? Some states in America are starting to ban the death penalty because they believe it is inhumane. Are Americans ignorant to reality that this country needs the death penalty, or are Americans seeing into the future of a more civilized world?
The biggest arguments against the death penalty is that it is cruel; it costs more to kill someone than to have them life in prison, and that there is a chance there is an innocent person being killed. There are more people that are against the death penalty now, then there and are for it. People believe that it is cruel because they think it is inhumane to take away someone 's life no matter what law they have broken.”No one has ever come to say that this did not hurt” (5 Arguments). People do not believe in “an eye for an eye” anymore. They would rather see the criminal in jail rather dead. It has been proven that it is more expensive to kill someone with any of the methods of death than to keep them in prison for life where they can not get out and hurt someone ever again. In some cases, determining the environment, prison can be a lot more worse than being put to death. The reason being is that they have to be in an environment of wicked people, and they have to sit there and think about what they did for the rest of their life.
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...d innocent later on down the road. In today’s advanced world we can use DNA testing and better investigation skills to determine whether this person committed the crime and should be executed. So the argument that the criminal could be innocent is becoming invalid but there still is a small chance. Some people may not want to take the chance, however, the majority still votes for it.
I believe that the death penalty is a humane form of punishment, reason being is that the people who commit unthinkable crimes are not the people we need to make this world. I believe people that commit murder and people who sexually assault children should definitely be executed. The reason why is because they assault people who are defenseless and abuse people just for the thrill of it. It does not bring peace to the victim 's family but it does remove one more savage from this world.
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